Recruiters, hiring managers and human resources managers often work with staffing agencies, or employment services, to fill open seats and positions. Staffing companies provide a wide variety of services and types of employees — from entry-level workers to management and executive positions. If your small business needs a temporary, temporary-to-permanent or direct-hire placement, there are many benefits of working with a staffing agency for your next job opening.

Save Time

While most employees give at least two weeks’ notice when resigning, some workers quit on the spot or have to be terminated quickly. When this occurs, your small organization can lose productivity if the vacant position is not filled in a timely manner. Remaining employees also may feel resentful if they have to take on additional responsibilities for a long period of time. For most positions, staffing agencies already have pre-screened, qualified individuals who can be at your workplace within an hour.

Save Money

Some small business owners hesitate to use staffing agencies because they don’t want to pay a markup fee. However, working with an employment agency can actually save you money in many areas that you may not have considered. Rather than paying for an expensive ad on a national job board, as well as the costs associated with pre-screening assessments, such as skills tests, drug screenings and background checks, you can hire a temporary employee who has already completed these prerequisites.

Save Energy

Small businesses usually don’t have huge HR departments with dedicated recruiters. Your HR person may have many duties, including payroll, benefits and hiring. Your HR representative may have to spend days going through hundreds of unqualified resumes to seek a handful of appropriate candidates to pre-screen and interview. Staffing agencies take on this role, which can be very useful when you have a specialized position and have to find a candidate with unique skill sets. The staffing agency recruiter will simply send you qualified candidates to interview, so all you have to do is choose the best personality fit for the position.

No Commitment

If your small business has busy seasons, you may want to use a staffing agency to fill the extra personnel needs during the high-volume times. This allows you to save money on unemployment insurance that you’re required to pay for permanent employees. If you do have a permanent opening, you can use a staffing agency to fill a temporary-to-permanent job. You can benefit from this feature, as it allows you to “try before you buy,” which means you can see the employee in action for several months before making a permanent job offer.

4 Responses to “The Advantages of Working With a Staffing Agency”

  1. Mark Finch

    Thank you for your article about the advantages of working with a staffing agency. Our business has busy seasons wherein we need extra manpower. I see how we can use a staffing agency to fill our needs during peak seasons. I like how you said I can treat it as a “try before you buy.” I see how working with staffing agencies is the best solution for our needs.

  2. Sherry Gajos

    I like what you said about how staffing agencies take on the role of prescreens and interviewing for you to save you time. My cousin needs to hire more people for his small business but doesn’t have a lot of time, so she’s been thinking of using an employment agency to help. Thank you for the information about how the recruiter from the agency will simply send you qualified candidates to interview and you can choose from there.

  3. Mia Stewart

    I like how the article explains that a staffing agency can help to save you money as you don’t have to pay for expensive ads and assessments as the staffing agency can provide someone who has already been through all of that. We are needing help at our company and we are wanting to save money as well. Maybe we will look into hiring a staffing agency.

  4. Eli Richardson

    One of my uncles is starting a construction project in another state soon, and he needs to recruit some workers. It was explained here that a staffing agency has pre-screened, and qualified workers that will suit his positions. This will really help him save time to find the individuals he needs.


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