I had the pleasure of working with Matech Resources. My contact understood requirements and successfully filled my temporary staffing needs . They presented me with many qualified candidates in very short time. They were very courteous and professional to find the right candidate in short period of time. Thank you for all assistance in finding the right candidate. Your service far exceeds my expectations. I will look forward to continue to use Matech Resources for my future staffing needs and would recommend Matech Resources to anyone in need of staffing assistance.

HR Director—Aviation Industry

What separates Matech Resources from other recruiters I’ve used in the past is their communication skills. They listened intently when I described the candidates I wanted, asked astute questions to fill in blanks I’d left, then quietly went about finding the perfect candidate in less than a week.

Also, no need to worry about communication bombardment. They have a knack for getting results with a minimum impact on your day.

IT Manager—Manufacturing Industry

We were searching to fill a very key role in our company on relatively short notice. We needed a Sr. Web Developer, with management experience, and within our budget range. Matech Resources found us the perfect candidate who became an invaluable part of the team almost immediately. They were a pleasure to work with and ultimately got the results we needed. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Director of Development—Financial Industry

We had a challenging task: find a the right person for a delicate position in a complex environment. Matech Resources delivered what we expected with no fluff, right to the point and in time.

Network Manager—Healthcare Industry

Matech Resources took the time to meet with me and really understand the unique skill set requirements of my open position. Then, they were quickly able to identify 2 qualified candidates. They were a partner during the entire process, including helping to reschedule one of the interviews on short notice. I will certainly use Matech Resources again

IT Director—Telecom Industry

Matech Resources have excellent recruiters. They were very good at communication and made sure I knew exactly what I should be expecting at various interviews. I would highly recommend Matech Resources as a candidate’s primary recruiter as they know the IT industry very well and make sure you are well prepared.

Dan, Customer Support Engineer

Matech Resources were very detail oriented and made for a beneficial freelance job in a very short amount of time (less than 1 week). They come with my highest recommendations as a professional in their field.

Greg, Helpdesk Support

Matech Resources found a great opportunity for me. They were very professional, personable and helpful throughout the entire process. They were a pleasure to work with.

Steve, ERP Manager

Although I was not actively searching at the time, Matech Resources brought me a great career opportunity after discovering me via my LinkedIn profile. They demonstrated concern for both me and the prospective employer during our initial phone call by asking questions seeking to ensure a potential proper match before proceeding with the interview process.

Throughout the interview process they were accessible, responsive and provided guidance by furnishing relevant information specific to the opportunity and general tips for a successful interview.

Matech Resources further demonstrated their concern and desire to help appropriately match people and organizations by following up after my first few weeks with my new employer.

I would recommend Matech Resources to any prospective candidate seeking new career opportunities or companies looking for someone to assist with recruiting efforts.

Walter, Network Engineer

Matech Resources helped to show me that there really are excellent people out there in the recruitment world, helping me every step of the way with my placement until I was comfortably in my position at my current company. I feel like I’m home at last, the company, the people, it’s the perfect fit, and I owe it all to Matech Resources.

Joe, IT Manager